Pozápasové dojmy #6 - útočník

24.10.2013 13:33

UPDATE #6. Po krátké pauze a dvou zápasech opět zařazujeme naše pravidelné reporty. Tentokrát vám svoje dojmy sepsal útočník Max, který se svého úkolu zhostil s neuvěřitelnou a zcela příkladnou rychlostí. Příjemné čtení. :-)

UPDATE #6 (match 8 ) by MH10

Having the honor to make my first update of yesterdays last game, and after not making an update since Habruvka, it was time to get back on the right track, the track of victory, since Fanatics we have been a little lost in our way to play good football of combinations and making use of our many oportunities we create to score... yesterday finally we made use of our disciplinated football, defending strong and running for every ball possible to reach, We started this time concentrated from the first minute... until now we always played "bad" the first halfs, this time we "solved" so to say the game in the first 30 minutes, good for us, in the 12th minute I placed a sharp strong ball from the corner kick, between goalkeeper and defender, the intention worked after the defender tried to reach the ball, impacted on his knee or upper leg and went into the goal, like C.Ronaldo, who shoots always on defenders and scores, the referee gave me the goal onto my account of goals. In the minute 17th our best player Jakub scored the second, you always can count on him, between this first 2 goals we had few more good oportunities, including me, wich we missed unluckily. In the 20th minute we got a goal, one of the opponents received the ball alone standing, turned around, prepared slowly the ball and shooted into our goal, that was the first and last time our team didnt payed attention, we learned from that goal I believe cause it didnt happen again in this match. In the last minute of the 1st half our biggest man and "P.Nedved looking" trainer scored a nice hard shot from the front directly into the net of our opponent, great. Halftime, 3-1.

Second half was nothing outstanding, 36th minute Bob scored a very nice freekick goal from the distance, his first goal, and what a goal, very nice job. The rest of the match, we created nice chances, hit the poste once or twice, and didnt let the opponent come to close to the goal, we played concentrated as said in the beginning, from the first minute until last, we needed such game for future upcoming games, after few bad games we are back, Now sunday is coming soon and we have to play again, maybe against a worse team, but we have learned that in this leage no team is so much different then the other, if WE dont play serious, WE can loose against anyone... or win against anyone. Hope we all play like yesterdays match, because like this the sunday should become a nice sunday. Good work team!!

P.s. For Czech version you must use google translator. If you dont know how to use google translator you dont deserve to have internet. On request I can make a german, spanish or catalan version, wich I doubt anyone want to have.