UPDATE #7 (zápas 10.) - Max the Forward

10.11.2013 20:45

UPDATE #7. Protože se nám trochu zpozdil report od svazu, přinášíme Vám náš vlastní. Opět se ho ujal náš útočník Max, který v utkání vsítil pět branek.

UPDATE #7 ( match 10 ) by MH10

Hello there again, freaks of kicking the ball and those wich prefer to just watch.

10th game of the season survived with excellent result, highest of the season, and maybe highest we will ever have. Even though we could have scored more in my opinion, the game was going into one direction from the very first minute, even the first goal arrived 15 miutes after start from Pavel, second from me 2 minutes afer, Lukas third. Before halftime we got our first goal, our goal wich we always get I believe, still no PLAYED match without getting a goal, nevermind, halftime, 3-1. Things look good, we knew this gonna end up good, better, excellent. Just 3 minutes after start of the second halftime our golden boy Jakub scored the 4-1, 5 minutes after the 5-1, in the 42th minute me again. In the same minute J.Z. scored, wich was either forgotten by the referee or assigned to the wrong player, cause in the report its written Jakub scored that goal, still I dont know what is the actual state of the situation. Well, 2 minutes after the party kept going on, Michal scored an unique goal, injuring almost the opponent goalkeeper. Then last 5 minutes of the match I scored 3 more goals, 2 of them by passes of Lukas, I just had to push them in... so nothing special, after the last goal the referee wich by the way was until now for far the worst we had until now, finished the game, neverless he wont be the topic in this text, cause we won, and that by 11-1. Congratulations team, but this wasnt our best football, neither the opponent the best team. Of course I must mention that we had for the first time more fans than players, I privatly must say I dont know any of our fans personally haha, but doesnt matter, they come to support the whole team and I like that, FCC FRANTIŠEK VLÁČIL!! It was nice to see that ammount of people supporting us, it would be a dream to have so many fans for all games... now last 3 matches ahead of us, none easy, all important, all for measure our real strength. We will see what we are capable of. I hope we all join in best conditions the sunday game, we need all our powers this time, including the fans. Dont let people tell you about the games we play, come and live them... with us, be our "7th" player.

Special greetings to our captain Milan, who finished badly injured, we hope he gets well soon. We will try to dedicate him some good last 3 games.

P.s. For Czech version you must use google translator. If you dont know how to use google translator you dont deserve to have internet. On request I can make a german, spanish or catalán version.